The Beauty of Breast Augmentation Rehab Therapy


The Simple Follow-Up Therapy to Ensure Perfect, Pain-Free Results

In 2018, 313,735 Americans went under the knife to change the shape and size of their breasts. Breast augmentation surgery is a growing surgical option that allows women to have the breasts they’ve always desired. The surgery also allows those undergoing gender reassignment surgery or those with cancer-related mastectomies to regain their feminine figures and feel whole again.
Breast augmentation is a multi-million-dollar industry with cutting-edge plastic surgeons and ever-changing technology to enhance and perfect the procedure. Despite advancements in breast augmentation over the past few decades, some women still report discomfort, pain, imperfect results, and postural issues after their surgeries.
Some discomfort during the rehabilitation phase is normal, but lasting breast pain or improperly settled breasts do not have to be your reality. If you have had a breast augmentation – or are considering the surgery – and want to prevent or treat post-surgical pain and ensure the best results, the Muscle Doc Method Breast Augmentation Rehab Therapy is for you.

What is Breast Augmentation Rehab Therapy?

This specialized form of massage therapy relieves pain and discomfort that can accompany breast augmentation and reduce scar tissue. An added benefit? This therapy also helps sculpt the breasts for a softer feel, more natural-looking results, and enhanced contour and cleavage. You’ve spent thousands of dollars and many hours in surgery, let’s make sure you get the breasts of your dreams.
Breast Augmentation Rehab Therapy works to prevent or reverse the potential side-effects or imperfections of implant surgery. For instance, implants are often position below the muscle and therefore sit higher up on the chest due to the tension of the tissue in the area. In the end, we want to ensure beautiful, symmetrical breasts that feel and look soft and natural. Gentle soft tissue massage techniques are used to precisely manipulate the implants into the perfect position and reduce asymmetry.

Scar tissue often occurs post-surgery and can cause a host of issues and prevent complete healing. Pain, tenderness, achiness, and pressure near the incision or in the breast itself are common complaints we hear at the Muscle Doc Method. With our soft tissue manipulations, this hardened tissue can be softened and reduced to unblock these restrictions and promote lasting comfort for the life of your implants.

Breast Augmentation Therapy San Diego CA

What Causes Post-Surgical Breast Pain, Immobility, or Unevenness?

Surgery of any kind has its potential for side-effects and lingering recovery periods. With breast augmentation surgery, there is a high risk for two specific issues: capsular contracture and asymmetrical implant settling. Let’s dive into each of these to understand the implications and what our therapies can do to help.

Capsular Contracture: The Trouble with Scar Tissue

Capsular contracture is the excessive formation of scar tissue and implant hardening within the breast. After the trauma of a breast augmentation or reconstructive surgery, the body lies down scar tissue as a means to protect itself against injury in its vulnerable state. This scar tissue, however, hardens and causes problems with future mobility and the look and feel of the breast.
Capsular contracture can cause issues such as restricted movement, the implant feeling “stuck,” hardness or firmness of the breast, unnaturally round or misshapen breast, high-riding breast, tension, discomfort or pain of the breast.

How Can We Help?

Breast Augmentation Rehab Therapy uses specialized massage techniques to relax the muscles, reduce scar tissue formation, keep the implant mobile, and prevent pain.

Asymmetric Implant Settling: Get Even

Implants will settle into position over the course of about three months. Without proper attention and guided settling, the breasts may settle unevenly, with unnatural contour, or harden to the muscle wall. To avoid asymmetrical or delayed settling, start routine Breast Augmentation Rehab Therapy after your surgery.

How Can We Help?

Several strategically timed sessions following surgery will dramatically improve the overall appearance and feel of your new breasts. It will also help to expedite settling and reduce scar tissue formation.

The Second Surgery Dilemma …
And How to Avoid It

Despite expert care and high-tech procedures, some breast augmentation surgeries result in problems troublesome enough that a second surgery is needed. This can be due to improper settling, pain from capsular contracture, general dissatisfaction from results, or other issues.
We want to help you avoid additional surgeries at all costs and spare the extra time, money, energy, and recovery periods. Making Breast Augmentation Rehab Therapy part of your initial recovery is the best way to prevent re-do surgeries, pain, and dissatisfaction. You’ll not only heal faster, but you’ll be happier with your overall results.

Special Considerations for Transgender Breast Augmentation

Breast implant surgery is an exciting and major step in gender reassignment surgery. The staff at the Muscle Doc Method has enjoyed serving trans patients in a safe and encouraging environment for over eight years, and we want to be part of your amazing journey and transformation as well. There are a few special considerations when it comes to healing and settling new breasts in a transgender woman. In some cases, larger pectoral muscles will cause breasts to sit higher on the chest. A broader chest and shoulders can lead to lower nipples and a varying breast crease. The good news is, these are all easily managed with dedicated breast rehab therapy.

The Muscle Doc Method Approach

The Muscle Doc Method leaves no stone unturned. We look at the body holistically to treat even a seemingly specific complaint such as post-surgical pain for breast augmentation. The main goal for a Muscle Doc Method Breast Augmentation Rehab Therapy session is to reduce pain, stimulate rejuvenation, and provide the framework for continued healing after the treatment. The Muscle Doc Method approach to Breast Augmentation Rehab Therapy is proactive. If you are considering breast augmentation (or have recently undergone a procedure), plan routine rehab sessions during the first three months after your surgery. This is the most critical time for us to affect change and perfection in the breasts. During this time, our therapy will prevent scar tissue and hardening, therefore avoiding troublesome capsular contracture in the future. After the first three months, we will continue with less frequent maintenance care over the next year to ensure evenly settled, supple breasts for years to come.

Who Can Legally Perform Breast Augmentation Rehab Therapy?

Although Breast Augmentation Rehab Therapy uses several techniques that look and feel similar to a regular massage, this is a therapy that is reserved for trained primary health care providers. It is important that you find a licensed practitioner that is practicing these techniques safely and legally. General massage therapists do not fall under this category and are not legally permitted to perform this therapy without supervision in the state of California.
As a trained acupuncturist and specialist, Chris Brenner is a primary health care provider and able to legally and expertly provide this important service.

The Importance of Holistic Breast Health

By providing compassionate care to your body and your new implants from the beginning, we will make the most of your recent or planned breast augmentation surgery to ensure your total satisfaction with your beautiful, healthy results. If you are already experiencing issues with a breast augmentation surgery, now is the time to reverse the effects of hardening and get on track towards more comfortable, shapely, and naturally-you breasts.

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